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Visa Photos Section !!


We at BFW understand the importance and urgency when it comes to requirement of passport size photos. We deliver passport size photos in less than 5 mins for the customers who visit our premises. Suprised ? If you have not visited us before, please visit us and check this out !!

Order Online in 3 simple steps
Step 1: Upload your passport picture [Make sure it fits the passport picture requirement, click here for specifications]
Step 2: Choose the country you would like us to process the Visa for.
Step 3: Confirm your order and the mode of delivery.
Checklist for Passport Photographs


    * Wear a Dark Dress as the Back ground for all Visa photographs requires to be white.
    * Make sure you look natural , as you need to be identified with your picture.
    * Clear glasses should be worn if you regularly wear them.
    * Do not Wear tinted glasses.
    * Both the ears should be clearly visible in the photograph.(Stuff Cotton at the back of the ears if someone has flat ears)
    * All loose hair should be tied at the back.
    * Your expression should be neutral, which means no smiling as well.
    * You should be sitting in upright position with both shoulders square(No Stooping or No Relaxed posture)
    * If possible you should be standing / sitting at least 3 to 4 feet away from the background wall / screen to avoid shadows.(It is just an 'if', sitting is perfectly alright with us)

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